A Family Company


The Past

In 1996, I began a career selling custom printed donut boxes for a promotional item company in St. Louis, MO. Our minimum order was 500 boxes and it cost over $1,850. In those days all printing was performed on multi-million dollar large format offset presses. Short runs? Forget about it!

I knew there was demand for short run treat boxes but the challenge was how to print and die cut them affordably. After 6 years of making 100+ cold calls per day I decided to strike out on my own. I bought my first inkjet printer, an Epson 1280, and picked up a batch of SBSC1S food grade paperboard from a local paper supplier. I quickly realized that I could not print on the coated side, but I COULD print on the uncoated side. The result was a little less than spectacular to the seasoned print professional, but I wasn’t selling to the seasoned print professional. I was selling to real estate agents, insurance agents, hotels and anyone else in outside sales. And guess what? They didn’t care that the print quality looked like that of a pizza box. They were THRILLED that they could get their info printed on a goody box at low quantities and low cost.

The Present

Fast forward 15 years and 5 kids later…

Today, Candy Cartons are printed on state-of-the-art digital printers. They are die-cut on clamshell presses for the highest crease quality without print cracking. Best of all, you can order them in low quantities at low cost, and still get the personalization you desire.

I have tens of thousands of customers all over the U.S., and pride myself on customer service. Your satisfaction is my number one priority and I look forward to shipping your order =).

Greg the Candy Box Guy